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Gerard and bee box 2019

Earth Day bee boxes 2019

Bee Box – Jordan

Anne Guevremont






PBBA bee box holders 2019




Here are some of the PBBA members with their bee boxes donated by Anne Guevremont (Asst. to COO/CFO Kheops International Inc.) and built by Jordan Kennett and staff members.  Each year in celebration of Earth Day – Kheops International have a project that is related and this year it happened to be bee boxes to help out native pollinators. They also did other projects such as cleaning downtown Colebrook, cleaning the grounds here and so on.

The PBBA Executive Board and members of the club would like to thank you for the bee box donation.  We were very happy to be chosen for this donation of 25 boxes and all are anxious to set them up to help the native pollinators!

Upcoming Events
  1. August Workshop (Rain or Shine)

    August 10 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  2. Monthly Meeting September

    September 10 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

ELAP Agency is offering emergency assistance to eligible producer of Honeybees. Producers have 30 days “from when the loss became apparent” to notify FSA.

Click here to view a fact sheet regarding the assistance.

To view the letter to Gerard from Steven Schmidt, County Executive Director of the Farm Service Agency click here.

2018-19 Winter Loss Survey

Summary of results:

-We had 405 beekeepers, 442 apiaries, 1445 hives &* 530 NUCs represented this year!

-Winter Hive loss was 55% and NUC Loss was 31%  – which is a trend in the right direction – down from 58% last year and 65% two years ago)

-Comparing management practices over the last 3 years, it appears that the winter loss data is being used  to help beekeepers make their management decisions.

-Many of the trends we have seen in the last couple years continued this last winter.

-This year we included some charts comparing the results from the last 3 years… there are some interesting results looking at individual counties… We can’t explain them- but they are interesting!

During the year we are hoping to do further analysis to understand why Merrimack county continues to have the highest losses as well as overlay data such as weather, etc.

The full results are at: