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We at the Pemi-Baker Beekeepers Association would like to encourage anyone who is thinking about raising honey bees or those who are keeping active hives to consider joining.

There are many benefits of belonging to our group:

  • Monthly meetings:  Held on the second Tuesday of each month.  News and information is frequently shared, and oftentimes a special guest speaker will join us on a special topic.
  • The mentor program:  You can be matched with an experienced member to help get you through the first couple of years.
  • Bee School:  Organized by club members and taught by experienced beekeepers is a must see.  For more information on the current Bee School click here or on the link above.

The annual membership dues are $10.00 for an individual or family and is payable in January each year.  If you would like to join, fill out the form below and hit “submit” or click on the link below to print out the membership application.  Dues can be paid by check or online through PayPal.  If you would like to pay online but don’t have a PayPal account you can still pay with a credit card through PayPal. If paying by check please make checks payable to Pemi-Baker Beekeepers Association.

Our Address

Pemi-Baker Beekeepers Association
PO Box 546
New Hampton, NH 03256



To join the Pemi-Baker Beekeepers Association fill out the form below and pay online or mail the first year’s dues to the address above.  Or if you would prefer click here to open and print out the membership application, complete it and mail it to the address above along with the first year’s dues.
Please read the Pemi-Baker Beekeepers Assn Liability Waiver

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