Meeting Information

Click here for a pdf copy of the agenda:  PBBA Agenda January 2021

PEMI BAKER BEEKEEPERS’ ASSN Virtual MEETING Agenda on January 12, 2021

Welcome and call meeting to order                

This is the month that club dues are collected – After our guest speaker – we will go over the different ways you can pay your membership dues for 2021

  • Guest Speaker – Mike Bertolone – American National / Farm Family Insurance
  • Business Meeting
    • Minutes from last meeting
    • Treasurer’s Report
  • Old Business
    • Club 2021 Dues – PayPal
  • New Business
  • IPM Management – Bee Talk
    • Check your bees
      • Location
      • Remove dead bees
      • Do they need feed?
    • Winter storage of drawn out frames
      • Check for wax moths – eggs an come in the fall with your frames
    • Test dead bees for mites and nosema
  • Order new bee packages now
    • McCormack Farms (Jeff McCormack)
    • B-Line Apiaries (Alden Marshall)
    • Hillside Apiaries (Allen Lindahl)
    • Mann Lake email
  • Importance of nutrition
    • Prepare to take notes – compare to what you did last year
    • Nutrition MUST be a seasonal-long concern
    • Why are bees attracted to manure?
  • Things to do during winter months
    • Cleaning equipment, tools, smoker and suits
    • Reading books, magazines about beekeeping (old school books, new research, different styles of keeping bees and queen raising
    • How was Bee School beneficial during your first year of beekeeping?
  • Mites – Mites – Mites
    • Check for mites early in bee season
    • Mite count seems to be low to begin – but as the bees build up – they build up!
  • Close of Meeting
Theme: Elation by Kaira.