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Click her to view PDF of the 2021-2022 NH Winter Hive Survey results.

NH Beekeeper 2021 NH-is-Blooming Call for Volunteers

The NH Beekeeper association will be continuing its NH-is-Blooming citizen science project in 2021 in order to continue to understand  the availability of pollen & nectar for our pollinators.

We are looking for volunteers to help look for and record observations of 3-5 different flowers each month.  The information on our “target” flowers will be emailed each month along with an observation sheet to record any sightings.

You don’t have to be a beekeeper to take part – contributing even 1 observation helps.

For more info – please go to   or email,.com



Mite Testing Project

We are collecting the last pieces of the Mite test project data – how did the hives do through the winter. Once we have that, we’ll publish final results.   We are also considering creating a website to make it easier to submit mite counts in the future, but currently we are focused on getting the NH-is-blooming website finished.

If you have any questions – please give me a shout!

Think Spring!   Heather Achilles

Deadout CSI Project

Deadout CSI Project is still continuing.  If you do have a deadout, you can find the CSI checklist at :   DEADOUT CSI | NH Honey Bee Health and if you would like, submit your findings to the project.

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