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NH Beekeeper 2021 NH-is-Blooming Call for Volunteers

The NH Beekeeper association will be continuing its NH-is-Blooming citizen science project in 2021 in order to continue to understand  the availability of pollen & nectar for our pollinators.

We are looking for volunteers to help look for and record observations of 3-5 different flowers each month.  The information on our “target” flowers will be emailed each month along with an observation sheet to record any sightings.

You don’t have to be a beekeeper to take part – contributing even 1 observation helps.

For more info – please go to   or email,.com

NH Beekeepers 2020-21 Winter Hive Survey

The NH Beekeepers Association (NHBA) is collecting data on 2020-2021 winter beehive survival and comparing it to data collected from the previous 3 years of the survey.  This data is being used to understand why our NH winter hive loss has been higher than the national average and what management practices have been helping improve survival.

The survey, which takes 5-10 minutes to complete, is available online until 4/30/2021 at:

The survey is open to all NH beekeepers. You do not have to be an NHBA member.

NHBA will be giving away a 1-year membership to one lucky survey participant. In addition, NH beekeeping clubs will compete for membership participation prizes.

Survey analysis and results will be available in mid-June.  Results from previous surveys can be found at:

2020 Winter Hive Monitoring Study

Hope you had a good summer and that your hives have done well this fall.  I know I’ve had to feed large amounts of sugar water due to the drought in my area.

For the last 3 years, NH beekeepers have listed hive moisture as one of the top 5 reasons why their hives died over the winter.   In order to help us try to understand more about this issue, NHBA is running a Winter Hive Moisture study to collect data to see if we can correlate management practices to moisture issues.

There are 2 ways to participate in this study:

– If you participated in last year’s Winter hive survey and listed moisture as one of the reasons your hives died, you can let us know what led you to that conclusion.  Did you see mold?  water in the hive?, etc.

– If you have an electronic hive monitoring system that measures temperature & humidity (and ideally weight, but that is optional),  you can contribute your data to the study.  Details on what this entails are here.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating or have any questions about the project!


Mite Testing Project

We are collecting the last pieces of the Mite test project data – how did the hives do through the winter. Once we have that, we’ll publish final results.   We are also considering creating a website to make it easier to submit mite counts in the future, but currently we are focused on getting the NH-is-blooming website finished.

If you have any questions – please give me a shout!

Think Spring!   Heather Achilles

Deadout CSI Project

Deadout CSI Project is still continuing.  If you do have a deadout, you can find the CSI checklist at :   DEADOUT CSI | NH Honey Bee Health and if you would like, submit your findings to the project.

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