In Memory of Harley Putnam

Message from the PBBA President – Gerard Godville about Harley Putnam


Harley Demonstrating Wax Molds

This announcement is with sadness.  But it is also with pride…

Pemi-Baker Beekeepers’ Association has lost one of its founders – a life member and bee school instructor – How I met Harley.  20+ years ago I decided to raise honeybees.  Talking with my buddy Dave saying that I didn’t know the first things about bees – he said ‘I know a guy’ who raises bees!  That day –we went to a log cabin on a hill in the town of Bristol.  And that’s when I met Harley and Susie Putnam.

We sat on their porch for at least 2 hours – No matter what questions  I asked, Harley would answer and walk me through explaining in a calm relaxing voice how watching the bees work in and around their hive was almost magical!  I was hooked!

Harley showed me how to care for the bees and to be a beekeeper.  He was my mentor and my friend!

He will be missed – our thoughts and prayers are with Susie and family.

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