Honey Extractor

Honey Extractor

PBBA Extractor Guidelines 2018

The Pemi-Baker Beekeepers’ Association (PBBA) has a Maxant brand manual extractor for pick-up and use by members.  A $25 deposit is required and will be refunded if the extractor is returned clean and with all components provided.  At the renter’s discretion,
a donation to PBBA would be appreciated.

The extractor is manually-powered and can be used with three or six frames.  Rental is restricted to three days (e.g., extractor picked-up on Saturday at 6:00 PM would be due back on Tuesday at 6:00 PM).  If returned early, PBBA Treasurer Montague will make every effort to notify the next user of its availability.  Flexibility will be tried, but not guaranteed.  Pick-up and return will be during evening hours.

The extractor must be returned CLEAN and SANITIZED.  Clean-up of the extractor is a time-consuming job.  Please allow enough time to clean the equipment thoroughly.  Remember, you are relying on the person who rented the equipment before you to have left it clean and disease-free.  Return the courtesy or lose your deposit.

According to Rusty Burlew of Honey Bee Suite, “American Foul Brood spores are extremely resistant to heat, dryness, and many chemicals, so a used extractor that is not thoroughly cleaned can easily spread spores to the next beekeeper.  A used extractor has to be more than visually clean.  The recommended treatment is removal of all debris followed by soaking in a solution of household bleach and water.  The cleaning is important because unless the bleach is in direct contact with the spores, it won’t kill them.”

Cleaning Instructions:  Remove debris from extractor by hand with a clean paper towel and/or garden hose.  Prepare a bleach/water solution by adding one capful bleach to a squirt bottle, or one capful bleach to a gallon of water.  Apply solution to all parts of extractor and leave solution in extractor for 30 minutes.  Rinse with cool or room temperature water to prevent any wax residue from smearing.  Let extractor air dry.

To reserve the extractor, please give a minimum 48 hours’ notice via email PBBA Treasurer Montague at smontague61@aol.com, using Honey Extractor in the subject line.  Please include your name, telephone number, first and second date preferences, as well as any other relevant information.  If you do not have email, you may call and leave a detailed message at 603.236.6801.


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